100 Films in a Year

Chris here. I wanted to clue you in on a New Years resolution of mine. As so many blog “think” pieces have stated in the past few years, this is the “golden age” of television and has pushed films (to a degree) into the background of the discussion of popular culture. The past year I’ve found myself having more conversations with friends on theories of The Yellow King or what was with the dance sequence at the end of Mad Men than about any film that may have warranted plenty of conversation (Obviously American Sniper has been an exception to this in the past few weeks but not for the merit of the ‘quality’ of the film but the politics behind it). Ash and I in the past few years have found it easier to commit to watching entire season of shows than commit to a two-hour movie. I’m not sure why that’s the case for us and many people these days, but I’ve missed the certain amount of commitment of taking a risk on films, whether they are old or new films. Inspired by that thought process, I wanted to catch up on some films from the past I’ve yet to see.

My initial plan was to only catch up on the Akira Kurosawa films I haven’t seen but than I realized there are some Ingmar Bergman films that I need to watch and oh, I need to finally see the original Solaris. Then I kept thinking of all these films that I’m shocked that I haven’t seen yet. Yes, it’s perfectly understandable to go your whole life without seeing the 1927 silent film Sunrise but how have I, a child of the 80’s not seen Sixteen Candles or Red Dawn? Then there’s Top Gun, a movie I’ve managed to avoid for my whole life that has dumbfounded the collection of my male friends who grew up wanting to be Maverick, while I wanted to be Prince from Purple Rain. When it was all said, I rounded the number of movies I needed to see to 100 (as if you didn’t know from the title of this piece). With a stipulation being that it had to be films that were released prior to 1994 (94’ was when my obsession with films really started, so it seemed to be the right point to look back at films that I’ve might missed out on). So with all that said, here’s my list of 100 films that I hope to watch before the end of 2015 and for your viewing pleasure, just in case you would like to follow along. Good luck.

100 Films in a year to watch:

Sixteen Candles

The General


Brute Force

Ace in the Hole

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore


Lust For Life

Point Blank



Coming Home

Rocky II

The Panic in Needle Park

National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1



The Long, Hot Summer

Straw Dogs

A Man Escaped


The 39 Steps



All That Jazz

The Secret of NIMH


Dead Poets Society



The Magnificent Ambersons

F for Fake

Valley Girl

Burden of Dreams

Red Dawn,

The Hunt for Red October


Bull Durham


Sophie’s Choice,

Sullivan’s Travels

Grey Gardens (1975)

The Friends of Eddie Coyle

A Fistful of Dollars


The Last Picture Show

Murder on the Orient Express

Baby Doll, Blow Up

Thelma & Louise

Gentleman’s Agreement

Once Upon a Time in America

Sex, Lies and Videotape

My Dinner with Andre

Defending Your Life

Being There

Top Gun

Das Boot

Solaris (1972)

New York, New York

Brief Encounter


The Great Dictator

Roman Holiday


His Girl Friday

West Side Story

The Gold Rush

Wings of Desire

Battleship Potemkin

The Passion of Joan Arc

Stranger than Paradise


High and Low


The Virgin Spring

Monty Python and The Holy Grail


A Woman Under the Influence

The Sugarland Express

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Jules and Jim

Gates of Heaven

A Woman is a Woman


Le Doulos

I Vitelloni


Aguirre: The Wrath of God


La Strada

McCabe & Mrs. Miller

The Passenger

Le Samourai

Stray Dog




Husbands and Wives



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