Baby rolls, pickled onions, and a farewell.

How was your week? Did you see the “Only 20 more Fridays until Christmas” countdown on Facebook? I sure did and it made my heart skip a beat! My week was full of family cookouts, rainstorms, dear friends, and the treadmill. Here’s a little peak at my week! Rhyming is what I do!

We kicked off Friday the only way we know how. Do you like how the salsa in the carafe is totally gone. That was BEFORE the fajitas.

I went to the movies past my bedtime. Thank God for buttery popcorn and peanut butter M&M’s.

I dabbled with these guys.

Cookout being the operative word here.

My sweet niece not a fan of cruisin’ in the cold pool. Those rolls, tho.

I pickled these.

A much needed Cookie Butter Ice Cream date with these ladies. Dunkin also made an appearance.

Isn’t it a good sign when your shoes have holes in them? Like you use them a lot? It is? Thanks.

I had a pretty busy week but I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with this guy.

I know the news this week made us all a little bit more somber. Let’s have a Robin Williams marathon this weekend! He would want to make us laugh; although I’m probably going to cry. Have a great weekend, guys! You deserve it!

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