Sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is.

It seems like our hearts get heavier with every passing week this summer. Suicides, executions, persecution, shootings, and protests have taken over our televisions and our minds. I’ve had a few friends who have written some lovely pieces of encouragement but man, this world is tough. In lieu of the heartbreaking news and events, there was something that took over all social media: The ALS ice bucket challenge. Now, I will have to admit, I was confused at first and didn’t understand the benefit of awareness vs. just plain donating. Of course, I have since educated myself, watching the tear jerking and gut wrenching videos of people diagnosed with ALS participating in the challenge. Although at times annoying, and we don’t know everyone’s motives for filming themselves for the world to see, the fact that so many people supported a very important cause that normally goes unseen was incredible. It gave me a little sense of hope for the ALS community and even bigger, the world.

There is still beauty and grace in this dirty place and even though it’s hard hearing constant sad and disturbing news, there are some really awesome people doing really awesome things. I truly believe whenever there’s a tragedy, there’s also a story of redemption. Find the beauty in your own life and use it to inspire others. Be grateful for what you have and where you live. Be well, my friends.

This week flew by for me and since I’m counting the days to my Fall vacation in Disney (58 to be exact), fast weeks are fully welcome. It started off rough with the pork loin fail but got increasingly better and for that I am thankful. Here are some highlights from this week.

Do you have a band that speaks to the inner being of your soul? That’s what these guys do to me. It was a party unlike anything ever.

You’re never too old for english muffin pizzas for dinner!

It seems like my life is full of baby rolls and slobbery kisses these days! It’s been such a blessing seeing some dear friends and family enter into the unknown and crazy world of parenting. Every day, I give just a little bit more respect to motherhood.

Our community of friends met this week for an Asian inspired barbeque. I didn’t want this meal to end!

A midnight playground stomp. I rode a swing for the first time in a while. Let’s just say I’ve found my new form of cardio.

How is the end of your summer going? All prepared for school? I don’t have any kids yet but I have a husband who is in school so I can relate to the stress of getting everything ready in time for next week. Enjoy your last official weekend of summer. Just think, flying to the beach is cheaper in the winter. Happy weekend!

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