A Weekly View: A weekly adventure

I’ve decided to add a new installment here on Kitchen with a View: it’s my week in pictures. Life goes by way too fast and most of the time I get caught up in the crazy. This allows me to be present in every moment and to peacefully reflect my week. I also want you to be able to have a look into my life outside of the kitchen, which is a nice break for the both of us. I hope you enjoy the exciting, or lack there of, things I did this week. I would love to know what you’ve been up to!

We got to babysit the cutie on the left! I don’t know why Tinsel looks huge here.

I got sweaty.

We ate spring rolls for dinner (before watching Bachelor in Paradise). La Croix Coconut is my new obsession.

Lots of these kind of snuggles.

I had this for dessert more than once.

We started The Killing.

My omelette fail for the week.

Spending time here is all I need.

I hope you guys have an exquisite weekend! And I hope you try something new! Happy Friday, y’all!

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