I’m Ashley Jones and I am ecstatic that you stopped by!

One day, I hope to be able to cook in a kitchen with a view that is far better than the asphalt sea I’m used to looking out on. For now, my view is from within, looking at friends and family simply enjoying the meals I prepare for them. That’s the best view from my kitchen I could possibly ask for! You will notice my recipes are simple but with an elegant twist, elevating them to something more than “just another meal.” I desire to get you in the kitchen and for you to actually be excited about it! My husband also enjoys to share his passion on this site: films. From time to time, you will notice posts from him that discuss movies, television shows, etc.


My life is chock full of messy kitchens, 40 hour work weeks, snuggly pups, “I’m not moving from this couch” kind of nights, friendly gatherings, but most importantly, a very sweet husband. I discovered my love for cooking after a dramatic move across the country, in my quaint Los Angeles apartment. Since then, my husband and I have moved back to our home state, Maryland, where the seafood is fresh, the air is humid, and all of my friends have Old Bay stained hands. Places to eat will always be my top priority when visiting a new place. A good movie night is incomplete without a sweet snack and a satisfying conversation after. Nothing fills my heart more than having friends feasting in every corner of my home. I hope this space inspires you, encourages you, and gives you a full belly!