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Snow Day Inspiration

Have you seen “all of this snow” we are about to get, yet? If you have, I hope you are warm, dry, and have something incredibly yummy baking in your oven. For the rest of us, here’s to keeping our fingers crossed that something might happen overnight! In the midst of all of this getting snowed in talk, my darling SIL (you know, whose baby takes up half of my Instagram feed), asked me what are some good go-to’s when plans of snow are coming our way. That inspired me to write a blogpost because I know we are not the only ones who like to pig out when those clouds get heavier and heavier with yummy snow! So here are some recipes I’ve gotten from around the web that I have made, want to make, or I want YOU to make. Enjoy and please stay safe! (more…)

1. I have been asked about my Brie and Beef Puff Pastry with Mango BBQ a lot recently. It’s such a cinch to make and perfect for using leftover pot roast.

2. Don’t forget about my light, great for dipping, Peanut Butter Cheesecake Dip!

3. Pepperoni Pizza Monkey Bread because who doesn’t love monkey bread, let alone pizza monkey bread?

4. I made these Honey Mustard Fried Chicken Sliders last night and they were perfection!

5. Beer Battered Onion Rings make everything better!

6. Want something sweet without the commitment of turning on your oven? These 1-Minutes Chocolate Mug Cakes fit the bill! And they are gluten-free!

8. I love her and this Easy Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Croutons are all you need to stay cozy!

9. Paleo? No problem! Paleo Bananas Foster needs to get into my dessert rotation now!

10. Cookies make any snow day extra special. My Clementine Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies are chewy, soft, and the perfect ratio of chocolate and citrus. Don’t have clementines? Try whatever citrus you have on hand! Except lime, definitely not lime!

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Happy Friday! I hope this post finds you well! I wanted to help you this Thanksgiving, just in case you needed a point of reference as to what in the world to make next Thursday (can you believe it?!). One down side of having my own blog is that it doesn’t give me too much time to try other cooks’ recipes, which I love doing. So I gathered some of my recipes for you (and still more to come) but also some recipes around the Internet that I plan on making or dream of making this holiday. So sit back, relax, and get that mouse ready for some bookmarking! (more…)

1. I’m sure you saw these from yesterday.
2.Here’s a new kind of casserole to have at your holiday table, just minus the chicken because chicken and turkey might be overkill: Thyme Chicken Pasta Bake
3. Oatmeal Cookie Apple Crisp because duh!
4. Let’s update that sweet potato casserole to this gratin.
5. These macaroons need a proper send off before Christmas peppermint everything takes over.
6. My favorite stuffing ever.
7.I made this pie for the first time last year. It’s like a brownie meets pecan pie. Nothing wrong with that!
8. Mac and cheese became a tradition when I got married. Brie Mac and Cheese with Figs is the perfect mix of elegant and rustic.
9. Making your own ice cream just became a lot easier. I’ve made this no churn ice cream twice already and it would go perfectly with any Thanksgiving pie. Enjoy the other recipes on the blog, very simple, delicious, and gluten free!
10. If you are looking for something other than pie for dessert, look no further. It’s everything we love about pumpkin pie except easier and moussier (so not a word!): Pumpkin Mousse.

Now, enjoy your weekend of planning and grocery shopping! What are you looking forward to the most for Thanksgiving? Also, I do have some more recipes coming up next week that are easy peasy and great for any holiday so stay tuned! Happy Weekend guys!