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Clams with Bucatini

Sometimes, you just need a bowl of pasta that screams comfort and Summer all in one. This pasta is close to my heart for a number of reasons, one being it lets me taste the ocean without physically being there. Chris and I decided not to do any trips this Summer, since we are saving for a nice Fall trip. It sounds fine, at first, but as the mid-July slump took over, I found myself desperately needing to be by a large body of water, soaking in the sun, and eating the fruit of the sea. It’s a Summer tradition for most folks who grew up on the East Coast. I felt something missing all Summer and I realized that was why. What are some of your favorite Summer vacations? (more…)

So back to the pasta. I have never, ever cooked anything that was considered alive. In fact, I had cooked my best friend a lobster dish a few weeks back. Instead of paying for the cheap whole lobster, that I would have to kill myself, I opted for the much more expensive lobster tail option. I just couldn’t bring myself to do the deed. I saw this recipe for clams and pasta in the July issue of Food Network’s magazine. It had everything I wanted out of Summer: briney, lemony, buttery pasta with tender, sweet clams mixed throughout. I cooked a lot of garlic, then added the wine, then gently placed the clams on top, covered the pot and walked away for 7 minutes. Opening that pot was the most beautiful surprise. All of the clams were widely open, soaking it the wine and garlic they had just been cooked in. See my notes on caring for the clams at the bottom! This recipe is too easy and too delicious not to make. I made it again this weekend and was equally satisfied! Be sure to serve this with tons of napkins! A lot of slurpin’ with happen! Happy pasta making!

Roasted Lemony Garlic Shrimp


My husband is “allergic” to shrimp. We have constant arguments around if he’s allergic or just being a big baby. He says he feels funny after eating it sometimes and other times, he’s perfectly fine. The reason I argue his allergy with him is because I LOVE shrimp and I LOVE cooking it. But I rarely do since he doesn’t feel comfortable eating it. Shrimp is great in the summer; you can barbecue it or serve it as a cocktail. I love roasting it with herbs, spices, citrus, and of course, butter. I try to make this whenever we have people over or if we are going to a potluck, just so I can get my fill. The choices for the shrimp are wonderfully endless but let’s start with the basics. Shall we?

Shrimp is laid on a sheet pan. We pulse lemon juice, garlic, parsley, salt, and most importantly, cold butter in a food processor until combined. The delectable butter is spread over the shrimp and roasted until just pink.

This shrimp is best if the shells are off, it’s more appealing eating depending on your dining setting and the flavors get into the shrimp more. But they are still delicious and fun to eat with the shells, too. Just a little more work. Last time, I promise, please do something with those buttery, garlicky, lemony juices. Please and thank you!