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Mischievous Mishaps

I want to make a pork loin with sage butter, she said. Oh and roasted sweet tomatoes would be the perfect side dish, she said. I just need to blend the butter and sage together to rub on the loin, she said. It will be herby, and a comforting Fall meal, she said. Well, she was wrong. Very wrong. (more…)

This is where it began. Not so bad? Eh? I do want to say I’m in love with how the sage looks here.

It all started with a pork loin, only a couple days old that turned gray and didn’t smell too fresh either. “But it still has 2 days until its sell-by date! Ugh, Whole Foods! Well, if I can’t eat it, I’m at least going to cook it and see if the technical side of this recipe is solid, plus I have cute little heirlooms wanting in on the party.” I covered my pork loin in the delicious smelling sage butter and popped it in the hot oven. My kitchen started to smell good but after about 15 minutes, I decided to open the oven door to see how the loin was progressing. It wasn’t. It looked worse than before I put it into the oven. Of course, the butter would melt and start to burn in a hot oven! What was I thinking? My creative juices came to an end with that discovery. How do I make a half-bad, half gray and brown pork loin look appetizing? You don’t. The answer is you don’t and to order pizza immediately.

I definitely felt a sense of loss; first, in my pocket for that bad piece of meat. Second, for that defeat in the recipe. It doesn’t feel good when you spend your money and very precious time on something that doesn’t turn out. If you are in this place more often than not, I feel you. This cooking thing isn’t always perfect. Sometimes, you follow the directions perfectly and the recipe doesn’t turn out like you had hoped. Sometimes, you misread the directions and find yourself in a hole, with guests coming in 15 minutes. In my defeat, I had to remember the reasons why I’m here. Is it just to show you yummy food with enticing pictures? Sure. Is it to encourage you to get in the kitchen, no matter what the cost? Definitely. After reviewing my mistakes with this recipe, I know where I went wrong and I can’t wait for a redo. Luckily, I decided to fight the notion of inviting some friends over for a roasted pork loin dinner. Thank you, guardian angel!

Some people say that how you are feeling when cooking is reflected in the outcome of a recipe. If you feel excited and happy while cooking, then your meal will turn out great. If you are feeling sad or mad or rushed while cooking, the outcome won’t be so good. I didn’t know where I stood with this idea. Most of the time, I am excited and happy while I’m cooking because cooking makes me feel that way. But Saturday, with the pork loin, wasn’t a good day and I wasn’t feeling happy or excited to cook. And I let that get the best of me. I’m sure during the week, you can feel the same way, trying to throw dinner together just to get it done. I want more for you. Instead of it being a burden, I want it to be an escape; a place where you can feel most comfortable and satisfied. When I first thought of this post, I didn’t know which category to put it in. I decided to put it in, “Adventures”, because that’s what cooking is. It’s an adventure that you deserve to go on and enjoy. Let’s make that happen. Oh and we can make our husbands or wives do the dishes. Just looking out for ya!