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Summer Peach Barbecue Sauce

The highlight of Summer for me is the produce. Yea, I love not having to bundle up just running to the car or having more than sticks for trees as a view when looking out my window. But the main event is the voluptuous, ripened fruit and veggies so green eating them raw just feels right. Every Summer, I make it my mission to find a place where I can get the best peaches. I’m talking about perfectly soft, juice running down your arms and mouth kind of peaches. To my pleasant surprise, I received tons of peaches this week from my CSA. I picked the ripest one and took a big bite. I was immediately transported to a white porch with an old rocking chair and an ice cold tea. This peach changed me and I don’t want to live without it…ever again. (more…)

So what to do with bulk peaches? Peach cobbler, sure. Amaretto Peaches and Cream, alright. I wanted to step outside of my sweet tooth box and I chose barbecue sauce. I decided to slow cook chicken, simmering in my smokey, tangy sauce but this yumminess can be applied to your favorite meat to barbecue or it can be even a best friend to french fries. I made pulled chicken barbecue sandwiches with a coleslaw you will see later this week. Let’s get to sauce making!

I present you with our ingredient line up!

From Top Left to Right- Red wine (surprise!), garlic, smoked paprika, peaches, fresh thyme, ketchup, onion, red pepper flake, molasses, and Worcestershire sauce.

We cook our onions until golden brown. Then, we add our peeled peaches, paprika, thyme, garlic, red pepper flake, salt and pepper. The red pepper flake is totally optional but even just a little bit will add some nice contrast in flavor. Also, contact with the hot pan will make our spices and herbs sing! Cook for another minute to let the garlic get its time in the spotlight.

It will look like a chutney after a minute. Look at that sweet, smokey sight! Like my alliteration there?

Now for things to get wild: add that red wine to the skillet and don’t miss it in your wine glass one bit! Let it simmer and reduce by half. Add the ketchup, molasses, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Let it hang out over the heat for a couple of minutes. Taste to see what you need to add, if anything. See that color? That’s royalty, my friend. Once the sauce has cooled for a few minutes, pour into the blender and pulse until it’s your desired consistency.

With my measurements, this sauce was slightly sweet, very smokey with a hint of heat, and had a vinegary finish. Adjust the ingredients to what you look for in a BBQ sauce. Happy sauce making!

Side note: This recipe was all about the sauce but if you’re interested, this is how I cooked the chicken. It was falling off the bone and incredibly easy to shred. I took a cut up chicken, that I cut up myself and seared it in a dutch oven, on high heat for a few minutes. I took the chicken out, placed half a sliced onion at the bottom of the dutch oven, added my sauce then the chicken. I placed the dutch oven in a heated 300 degree oven and cooked for an hour and a half. Take out and shred.