Reinvention happens daily in the culinary world and in the film, Chef, reinvention is what saves a man’s career. Jon Favreau’s, Chef, is a story about a well-known chef, Carl Casper, who breaks out of the restaurant mold and jumps for something almost out of reach. He is encouraged by his ex-wife to pursue a food truck service, allowing him to choose his own menu and ingredients. He stubbornly denies her encouragement but due to recent social media warfare, he is forced into considering life on the road. Carl takes a trip back to where his career started, Miami, where the music is loud, the people are sweaty, and the food is inspirational. It is in Miami he starts his food truck service and thanks to Twitter, is an instant hit. He travels from Miami back to Los Angeles and takes a few detours along the way to appease his young son. His food truck journey not only allowed him to gain back his confidence, it also mended his relationship with his son.

Food porn is a term used when describing some scenes from this film. Long, sexy spaghetti noodles naked and barely clothed in a silky olive oil, garlic, and parsley sauce. A crunchy grilled cheese with a warm, soft inside, seducing you as thick cheese strands pull off from a big bite. The food scenes are meant to tempt us towards a midnight snack. But are these pulsating scenes distracting us from the actual story line? I would beg to differ. Cooking food is who Chef Casper is and to fully understand his art, we must experience first hand how he cooks and what he likes to cook. Obviously, baking a molten chocolate cake isn’t what makes him hot in the kitchen.

This film is simple, no extra innuendos, what you see is what you get. We are cheering for our protagonist but secretly hoping this movie would become 5-D so we can actually wrap our mouths around those fat cubans. There is plenty of cheese throughout the film and I’m not talking about the edible kind. Word to the wise, don’t go to this movie hungry.

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