Coming Attractions in 2015

With Oscars airing this past Sunday, it marks the end of focusing and awarding the films of 2014. Now, it’s time to look ahead at the films of 2015. There are many questions we have to ask ourselves with the various pictures coming out. Does Cameron Crowe have one more good movie in him with his new release Aloha (arguably he really hasn’t made a good film since Almost Famous)? Can Mad Max: Fury Road make a movie star out of Tom Hardy? Is the new Star Wars film going to be help us forget the prequels? And how is Furious 7 going to deal with the real life death of one of its stars, Paul Walker? To celebrate the films that we are excited for in 2015, I’ve made my own awards simply based on the trailers for these upcoming films.

The Film You Might Be Surprised I’m Excited To See Award

Magic Mike XXL
Oh yes. I was convinced by my wife to see the first Magic Mike on opening weekend and walked out of theatre pleasantly surprised. The direction of Steven Soderbergh raised the level of the material in an unironic film that seemed more to be ode to a French new wave Flashdance. It also gave us perhaps the best Channing Tatum performance we’ve seen (maybe cause of his personal connection to the material). This leads us to the sequel, Magic Mike XXL, a movie that let’s you know from the title that we are here to have a good time. The stacks are low here, no villains looking to take over the world or destroy New York City for the 100th time. No, not here, just the simple pleasure of seeing this rag tag team of male strippers enjoying what they do. With that said, the noticeable draw back of the sequel, is two key components that made the first film so good…Soderbergh and Matthew McConaughey.

The Film That You Might Be Surprised I’m Not Excited To See Award

The Avengers: Age of Ultron
I should be excited for a sequel that involves several of my favorite comic book characters, yet I don’t feel anything when I see Hulk running toward the Iron Man Hulkbuster in a rage of fury. Usually, the second installment of comic book films are considered the best, they are void of origin stories that slow down the film. Yet with all the separate Marvel films that connect to this new The Avengers film, the world building (or in this case universe building) to get to this point has gotten tiresome. Nothing seems to matter in any of these films because all they are doing is setting up for the next Captain America/Iron Man/The Avengers film. With all that said, I can’t imagine not seeing this movie on opening day cause I love comic movies, so disregard everything I just said.

The Film That Twelve Year Old Version of Myself Is In Front of The Line For Award

Jurassic World
This one can be easily explained: I LOVE DINOSAURS! They are my film kryptonite, to the point that I saw Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. The original film in this series, Jurassic Park, was released in the summer I turned twelve. Its importance in how I see and appreciate film (oh I know Taxi Driver or Citizen Kane should be the answer for what film had the biggest impact on me but I would be lying if I said that) is never forgotten by me. I saw the possibilities in filmmaking with Jurassic Park, so naturally when they made the second Jurassic Park, I was going to be there (I gave it a pass up until we got the gymnastics scene from Jeff Goldblum’s daughter) and the dreadful Jurassic Park 3. So of course I’m there for what’s in store for this forth installment. Finally, we see what the park is like once it’s opened to the public, Chris Pratt now doing his Indiana Jones impression with that leather vest, and Raptors are the good guys (maybe). How can I not be excited about this?

And yes, if you were wondering I do cry every time I watch The Land Before Time and when Littlefoot’s mom dies.

The Chris Pratt Award

Oscar Isaac
This award is given to an actor or actress that breaks out to the point in which my mom knows his or her name. With Guardians of The Galaxy being a massive hit and Pratt’s terrific performance has Peter Quill, he had a breakout year, making him the next potential movie star guy. This year it looks like the next big thing could be Oscar Isaac, who in the past few years has gained popularity amongst critics and bloggers as someone with the appeal of a young Al Pacino. Seeing that there is no marketability in being considered a great actor but instead a movie star, Isaac will be seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Since I have lukewarm feelings on Star Wars altogether, I haven’t kept up on the secret details of the film so I have no clue if he is a good guy or bad guy in the film. He could be the Luke Skywalker or the Han Solo for all I know. What I do know is no matter what he plays in the film, you’ll take notice of him (cause he is a good looking guy) and you’ll remember his name.

The I Don’t Need a Trailer To Know This Film Is Going To Be Good (Hopefully) Award

Midnight Special
This is awarded to the film that has yet to have a trailer released, usually do to the fact that it won’t be out in theaters for another 7-9 months from now; so there is a lot risk involved with this award. But given that Jeff Nicholas, the director of Midnight Special, has directed one of my favorite films in the past 10 years (Take Shelter), I feel safe in knowing this will at least be worth seeing. Even with little that is known about the film, the cast should spark some interest for anybody, which includes, Joel Edgerton, Kirsten Dunst, Adam Driver and Nichols’ most reliable actor Michael Shannon.

The Film That Will Most Likely Inspire My 2015 Halloween Costume

Charlize Theorn as Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road
This one is a no brainier. I mean just look at how much of a bad ass Theorn is with her shaved head and black make up covering her face. Every five years or so, we are privileged to see a woman playing with the ideas of female masculinity in an action film with the shaved head look. If Mad Max: Fury Road is has good as I hope it to be, I would love the chance to make her look part of my Halloween costume, I’ll just have to figure out what to do about her amputated/robot arm, but I look forward to the challenge.

And Lastly, The Ten Films I’m Looking Forward To See The Most in 2015:

In The Heart of The Sea
The Knight of Cups
The Revenant
Furious 7
Jurassic World
Midnight Special
That’s What I’m Talking About
The Hateful Eight
Mad Max Fury Road

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