Disney in the Fall

If you know me or if you don’t you will easily learn, Disney World is a special place to me. It’s the only place I can visit that’s covered in cheesy tourism. In fact, I fully embrace the tourism and join the herds of people who want to experience all of the magic that is Disney. Chris took me there for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and it was nothing short of magical. I have always gone in the summertime but I am leaving those days behind me, along with the humidity. Here is a glimpse of my trip. I am going to be the worst mother in that my children won’t have too many pictures from their childhood. I never think to take a picture until after the fact so enjoy!

This is the number one reason anyone needs to come to Disney in the Fall. Unreal.

We spent a lot of time (and money) at the Food and Wine Festival. There are so many countries offering you sweet and savory treats along with drinks that represent their country. You see how this could get dangerous?

This was taken when we were half way around the world showcase in Italy. We were very happy and giggly.

Chris loves Disney and his Woody Mickey ears. Isn’t Mainstreet just adorable?

The Magic Star. Our favorite drink in Disney. It’s hardly enough alcohol to feel anything but we get them anyways. We have a collection of light up ice cubes from our many magic stars at Disney.

The Magic Kingdom goes all out for Halloween, making it extra special. I loved this view of the castle.

They also have a special set of fireworks for Halloween.

Among all of the magical Halloween fun, we also experienced some amazing food at some of our favorite spots. Here are some must eats if you are in Disney. I’m sure there are more I am leaving out but my wallet and tummy are thanking me right about now.

Jiko the cooking place is some of the best food and ambience in Disney. Located in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Jiko offers you the best wine options in Disney, along with food that will blow you away. It’s African themed so we were a little nervous if we would like our meals but once our first course came out, our nervousness turned into full blown foodie excitement. What to get at Jiko: Wild Boar Tenderloin and the Tour of Africa for appetizers, and the slow cooked short rib or filet mignon for dinner. We were way too full for dessert but I saw the desserts on other guests’ tables and I was a little jealous.

Trails End Breakfast Buffet is a tradition but for the money you spend and what you get, it’s worth it. Plus, the adorable frontier theme always sends me back to my childhood. Their pulled pork eggs benedict is featured on the buffet and is by far the best item on the menu.

Ohana is our favorite place, wherein you are offered a plethora of meats, veggies, and noodles until your tummy is about to burst. The meat is in a delicious marinade and is always cooked perfectly. If you get dinner reservations close to the fireworks time in the Magic Kingdom, you can watch them from your table at Ohana. Plus, you can get a tropical drink served right out of a pineapple.

Le Cellier is located in Canada, which is part of Epcot’s World Showcase. The cozy, steakhouse atmosphere makes for a romantic spot if your dinner reservations are past 7. As with all of the Disney restaurants, earlier dinners mean eating with a lot of children who are hungry and getting on their parents’ last nerve. What to get at Le Cellier: the poutine with red wine reduction and canadian cheddar as an appetizer, the filet mignon with mushroom risotto for dinner, the loaded mashed potatoes and burgundy mushrooms for sides, and the creme brulee for dessert.

There are so many other restaurants and experiences I didn’t mention but if you are ever given the chance, check out Disney. It’s pure magic.

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