Graffiato: A Restaurant Review

It is no secret that Chris and I love pizza. Living in Los Angeles, we had at least 3 favorite pizza places; all offering a different type of pizza. In Maryland, it’s been hard finding a legit pizza place that goes above and beyond in their creativity. We have friends who have done their thorough research, going to Annapolis then Baltimore, then DC. They have recommendations I’m sure we will eventually try. A friend of ours that used to live in DC told us about Mike Isabella’s Graffiato: a low key pizza joint that also offers creative small plates (caesar salad with cream cheese croutons, anyone?). Graffiato has become our go to restaurant when in DC and their pizza is beyond amazing. We also share a couple of small plates (go big or go home, right?), making the whole experience one a foodie or an average joe will never forget. We were in DC on Sunday to see our favorite band play, Arcade Fire, and of course squeezed in a dutiful trip to Graffiato. Unfortunately, this time around, the pizza was the only aspect of our dinner we thoroughly enjoyed. The small plates seemed a little bit off. This was our 5th or 6th time going so we will give them a free pass on having a bad night. But again, the pizza was still nothing short of umami greatness. Also, their brunch is delicious and they have bottomless mimosas. Enought said.

It was Restaurant Week but we decided just to do our own thing. If you go to Graffiato, make sure to score a cocktail. They are delightful but oh so strong…in a very good way.

The top small plate is one we ALWAYS get. It’s a pork ragu gnoochi with a whipped rosemary ricotta. It has always been so delicious and I’ve tried to recreate it numerous times and have failed. I will persevere! The bottom small plate is a charred hanger steak with whipped potato and a VERY spicy chimichurri sauce. This definitely wasn’t our favorite small plate, we were trying something new. Probably won’t get it again but everyone was getting this flatbread with pepperonis I am now regretting not ordering. Until next time…

Now, here is the show stopper! It’s the White House pizza: taleggio cheese with salty prosciutto and a sweet honey drizzled on top. My usual meat lovers husband can’t get enough of this pizza. If it were up to him, we would get two of this pizza but I always demand another option.

This pizza was also really good! It was a greek pizza with lamb, arugula, caramelized onions (my love language), and a tangy tzatziki sauce. Oh and crunchy homemade potato chips on top! I loved the savoriness of this pizza. A lamb gyro on pizza, what could be so bad?!

I’m a sucker for the White House pizza but this stole my heart for the night. I had to take a bite before I took a picture. Priorities, priorities… Did you notice those lovely salt flakes on the crust? THEY SEASON THEIR CRUST! Do we need to ask for more?

All in all, Graffiato is a unique and delicious place to visit if you ever find yourself wandering the salty streets of Chinatown. Anything that sounds good on the menu will be good… unless they are having an off night, which doesn’t happen often. We love Graffiato and hope you make a stop there soon! If you do, let me know what your favorite item on the menu was! Betcha I’ve tried it!

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