Portobello Pizzas

Can I just address the elephant in the room? You might not like mushrooms, let alone huge ones with gills that look like they could fit small a child in one. I get it. I love mushrooms and sometimes wish they had the nutritional value of something very green. I like to use them as a meat substitute or to add a little substance to a dish if a starch isn’t included. These pizzas have been a great summer staple, using ripe grape tomatoes and fresh basil. Those big gills are also removed so these ‘shrooms are more appealing to eat. They don’t really taste like pizza but are a good substitute for the carby counterpart if you’re like me and could eat your weight in delicious crust. I’ve made this with sausage and ground beef. Both were yummy. I’m sure some ground turkey would also suffice. This meal is quick with no musses or fusses, just what I like for a weeknight meal. As you can see, Chris loves this dish and I do too. ¬†For a fun hors d’oeuvres, you could stuff baby portobellos with the same mixture. I would say the world is your oyster but I don’t want to make my texture sensitive friends feel more uncomfortable.

I will see you guys tomorrow for our first ever free giveaway! I hope this Thursday flies by for you! Unless you are at the beach, then I hope it’s very long.

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