Sunsets, sunbaths, and wild things.

I liked this week. It flew by for me. Maybe it was the crazy treadmill vortex I was sucked in to so I could enjoy a pizza party with my brother and sis in law last night. I also love non-crazy weeks. I need my ample TV time (Bachelor in Paradise is all that matters!). I know we all are looking forward to the 3 day weekend or maybe you’re like me and it’s a 2 day weekend. Either way, if you don’t have to work Monday, lemme get a wha! wha! This is what my simple week consisted of. Not shown: enough pizza for 6 people, gone in 60 seconds by 3 people.

We sunbathe right. She literally wouldn’t come in for an hour.

Leftovers are always the easiest dinners.

This is what the sky looked like a few nights ago when I was leaving the gym. I guess this is more rewarding than an ice cream sandwich.

I always love it when he joins me on my grocery excursions. PS. Can you tell me which state that is on his arm? If you can, that would make you a minority because sadly, not a lot of people do.

Bedtime with this sweetie. It’s hard not getting a picture of her that isn’t blurry these days. She’s always movin’ and groovin’.

Honorable Mentions:
I’m totally trying these tonight with some girl friends.

My friend, Dana, has a blog. Check it out! She’s raw, real, and hilarious!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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