Tough Streets, Good Eats

Welcome to our second installment of “Dinner Plans!” This is what a normal Saturday night looks like for us. We both are full from dinner and have escaped to our individual couches to spread out. Actually, who am I kidding? We have been on these couches way before dinner was even ready! But isn’t there something incredibly satisfying sprawling out on the couch with a full belly and a night of movie watching ahead of you? My favorite kind of nights and we don’t even have kids yet! So we flip through our Netflix account as Chris repeatedly asks me what I’m in the mood to watch. He will always be in the mood for anything and everything and I’m, well, not. I get into very specific movie moods and can’t rest until I find exactly what I’m looking for. There is something I really enjoy about adventure and the characters have to get from Point A to Point B while handling other circumstances. Queue in “The Warriors,” and I have found my ideal movie. Please don’t make fun! It’s a great movie that Chris will break down in a sec and if our last Dinner Plans put you asleep, then this movie will be very entertaining for you. But don’t take it too seriously! If you can see past the mild sexism and politically incorrect script, then maybe you will enjoy this movie as much as I do. Just make yourself some delicious food and enjoy a night in the city!

Menu (Click the titles of the recipe to be directed to the actual recipe).
Crispy Kale Caesar
Steakhouse Pie
Coconut Macaroon Nests with Chocolate and Whipped Cream

Despite what you may think, watching and discussing “The Warriors” was not my idea. Oh yes, my favorite genre is terrifying post-apocalyptic scenarios, yes my adopted NBA team this year is the Golden State Warriors (cause my Lakers are unwatchable this year) and yes I love 70’s films. But at last, the choice to watch this film was not mine but my wonderful wife Ashley’s.
Several years ago, I some how convinced her to watch this 1979 cult classic for the first time, prior to which I had never seen myself. You have to know that Ash has residence towards anything made in the 1970’s (I had to tape her down to a chair to get her to watch Taxi Driver and The Godfather). I don’t exactly understand her allergic reaction to films of the 70’s but it’s caused a rift in our marriage. Yet, she has such a love for this particularly very 70’s feeling film. The main reason for this appreciation is the plot/driving force of the film revolves around the main character’s dire need to get from A to Z without getting killed. These are a particular film, in which “innocent” and outnumbered characters are trying to navigate/escape from danger, to reach safe haven or finish line of some sort. This genre of film includes, the classic “Running Man,” the underrated “Judgment Night” and the Ice-T vehicle, “Surviving The Game.”
“The Warriors,” in particular, is a film that (apparently) takes place in the not so distant future, in the ugly, violent streets of New York City. Cyrus, the leader of the Gramercy Riffs, who are considered to be the most powerful street gang in the city, organizes a meeting of all the cities gangs. During the meeting Cyrus is assassinated by Luther, the leader of rival gang known as the Rogues. In the pandemonium of the situation, the Warriors get wrongfully accused for the murder. Now they must travel from The Bronx all the way back home to Coney Island without being captured by the numerous gangs out for blood. Sounds pretty ridiculous, I’m sure, but it’s a joy to watch for all the reasons of it being good and silly.
Although, again it takes place in the future, the film is an extreme window into the troublesome days of the 70’s in the five boroughs of New York. Director and co-screenwriter Walter Hill, is not only looking to give us thrills but also to terrify us in a fear of the youth who will revolt into murderous psychopaths, such as the gangs that hunt for the Warriors. This doesn’t mean our heroes the Warriors are saints; no, they have the capability to be just as destructive and dangerous as everyone else. Hill makes sure we see this gang, as no better than the rest of the thugs who seek to take them out. This film is a blast to watch, if not for the fight/chase scenes, at least for the awesome hair styles, ridiculous various gangs (including samurai black militants, baseball team and mimes) or the over-the-top performance by David Patrick Kelly, who plays Luther delivering the most famous line from the film, “Warriors! Come out to pla-yee.” This an ideal movie to watch with friends who’ll have a good time and a few laughs at this cult classic.

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