Viva Las Vegas

Vegas. A place I had no intention of visiting nor the pulling desire to empty my wallet into a Mad Men themed slot machine. Friends would go and come back on a natural high (a high I would soon experience for myself), demanding me to commit to a trip. I think I was concerned about the amount of luxury offered in one city and if I too would fall victim to its alluring pull. Bright lights, all you can eat everything, stores that offered so many expensive things you needed to put a deposit down before even looking at the items, and of course, the gambling. Why wouldn’t I want to go there? So I went.

I describe my short time in Vegas as a first-time meet up between pen pals who have been writing to each other for years. So many aspects of Vegas took me by surprise but at the same time, I felt a familiarity with Vegas I hadn’t experienced with other new places. I knew what she had to offer and I wanted it. All. Of. It. Chris and I wandered the casinos with wonderment at how over the top every detail was. We went with friends, who have been many times and honestly, I was so grateful for them and their guidance. Otherwise, you may have found me grazing a tuna melt from the Earl of Sandwich every night, out of sheer feelings of being overwhelmed. But the food though, I will return to that in a bit.

Vegas is a destination for people of all incomes and walks of life, to be able to let go of penny pinching and bill pay anticipation. Your biggest worry is not seeing that beautiful bonus pop up on your slot machine and even if you don’t (we lost big time), you still enjoyed the experience of controlling where you literally put your money. Vegas is an oasis to all, leaving any kind of troubles miles away and indulging every desire you ever had. I’m not condoning addiction to sex or gambling or the perverse sexual options one has in Vegas; that’s a fight for another day. I’m insinuating that maybe, sometimes, indulgence is needed and even healthy. I welcomed Vegas with open arms and I felt like, in a way, Vegas hugged me back. But don’t be fooled, I still didn’t win any money.

Now, between drinking strong cocktails and walking miles of casinos, I tried to take pictures. There were amazing things we ate and did that my buzzed self didn’t even think of grabbing my phone.

This is a cinnamon crepe, also called a skinny pancake, Chris ate it for breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi. This delicious thing looked small but literally unfolded into layers and layers of light, tender, sweet crepe.


This was my breakfast at Mon Ami Gabe and my first Croque Madame. I literally have no idea why I have never ordered one before, except for maybe the fear of my mind being blown (and it was). I need all the ketchup.


Casino lighting. The best kind of lighting when your cheeks are blushed from drinking too much alcohol before dinner. After the pic, we saw the show, Absinthe.


I tried to figure out how to replicate these flower balls with whimsical, twinkling lights for my house. To be continued…


We took a cab ride to Downtown Vegas, where time has stood still. So many beautifully vintage casinos that take you back in time just by entering their doors. But, of course, I didn’t take any pictures of that. I DID take pictures of this lovely Container Park; a sweet little “mall” of local stores and restaurants built out of large containers. There was a fun playground area with a very tall slide that was just begging for an adult to slide down it.


At the Container Park, we were given the best lunch recommendation: Carson Kitchen.. It had so many delicious options, we weren’t even hungry for our buffet dinner that night. I guess you can’t have it all in Vegas but you can have this amazing Mac and Cheese!


Or these amazing bison meatloaf sliders! Not pictured: greek tacos, deviled eggs with caviar, and spicy tater tots! Give Carson Kitchen a visit on your next trip! Totally worth the cab ride!


It’s Vegas! This is the obligatory cocktail picture. No matter how hard I bribed, that plate would not move out of the way!


This! This is what I will always remember when I look back on our trip. The view from our room. I’m spoiled but enjoyed every minute of it!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of my favorite meal from Vegas. Maybe it was the cocktails or maybe I was in food nirvana, I didn’t think of it but if you EVER go to Vegas, check out Blue Ribbon for dinner. I cannot begin to describe how amazing your meal will be. I won’t even be able to recommend a dish to you because every thing was utterly perfect!

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