Chris and I love escaping to small, old towns whenever we get the chance. Williamsburg, Virginia became an annual escape since it’s so close to Maryland but just far enough that it makes you feel like you’re on a relaxing vacation. We love the history of these old places and try to even check out a ghost tour wherever we go (there’s bound to be some creepy history the day tours won’t tell you). Last year, we were graced with the presence of my brother and sister-in-law for their babymoon. We are making it a tradition that the four of us go to Williamsburg to bring in the Christmas season. This weekend was full of laughter, beer, delicious food, Christmas lights galore, and a grand illumination of sorts. Here is an overall of our trip. I highly recommend a trip to Williamsburg if you have never been or if you are like me and went as a kid. One thing you’ll notice is Williamsburg definitely pays attention to detail.

Our first must in Williamsburg is Christmastowne. Busch Gardens closes down (most) of their rides and literally covers the whole park in lights making it a Christmas wonderland. They even had snow falling when you walked in! Make sure you get the S’mores and the Cinnamon Roll Funnel Cake!

We stay at a Bed and Breakfast, Magnolia Manor (picture above) about 1 mile from Colonial Williamsburg. We woke up Saturday morning to a small town parade, wherein all of the local businesses, schools, rescues, etc., create their own Christmas themed floats. Can we move here, please? This was one of my favorite floats.

This tree is proof miracles exist. It’s glowing orange in the beginning of December when all of the other trees have been bare for weeks. So lovely.

Colonial Williamsburg has a small garden where you can buy fresh veggies, fruits, plants, and real holiday decor. It’s the end of the garden’s season obviously but it’s still lovely to visit.

These are a few of my favorite things…

I’m in love with these peppers. So vibrant.

Williamsburg was decked out everywhere with Christmas decorations. I love this color palette.

At night, the streets came alive with the Fife and the Drum marching band. My hands and feet were frozen by this time.

And alas, the main reason why we came to Williamsburg: the Grand Illumination! It’s Colonial Williamsburg’s way of kicking off the advent season with fireworks. I know what you’re thinking: colonial and fireworks don’t go together. But man, this show definitely was worth the hour of waiting in the frigid cold for. Definitely a must if you’re in town for this weekend!

I hope you get the chance to experience Williamsburg’s festivities this time of year. It’s so worth it. Happy weekend, friends!

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